Surprise Edition
Surprise Edition

Surprise Edition

This week I’m featuring poem and simplistic-expressive artwork made by a friend of mine. I was kinda tiered this week (first week back in school after winter break) and I decided to let someone else take over. What I really love is how her experiences seem to be very well expressed in a simple but meaningful way. Without further ado here it is:

A drowning girl
In the waters of expectations
Created by her own mind
Giving to others
Yet not getting a thing
As midnight approaches many tears flow
Too many to count
No one will know
That she tried
Yet she cried
For she tries not to show
Of the pain that’s inside her
That haunts her high and low
Escaping the pain
Is impossible, insane
For the pain has settled
Its at home
It does not want to leave
And has since created
What she calls a “pet peeve”
She feels the urge to be perfect
To be kind to others every day
Even those who cause her pain
That follows her anywhere anyway
This kills her
This hurts her
This pains her even more
As she fruitlessly attempts
To unlock the door
The door to the future
Not to dwell on the past
To lift the pain off her shoulders
To be free at last
To have joy
To have friends
To have people who care
To stop aiming perfection
To awake from the nightmare
Yet the door does not budge
No matter how hard she pleas
She cries out hopelessly
And then falls to her knees
But a hand rests on her shoulder
And whispers, “its okay”
“You are strong, you are smart”
“Continue on anyway”
This person, this friend,
Is the only one she trusts
For they feel her pain
And choose to be with her or bust
So they march forth together
Both bearing their pain
And continue through life
Down the endless terrain
Feeling each others’ presence
Hoping one day to know
Why the pain had to exist
And that their friendship would never go
Now you ask, “who is this girl and who is her friend?”
Why, they are both me.
Let the pain one day end.

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