The Sky, the Earth, You, and Me
The Sky, the Earth, You, and Me

The Sky, the Earth, You, and Me

Not so long ago

Two seeds fell from the tree of life

A wind blew them both around for miles

One landed in the earth

And one got embedded in the clouds

After nine months the seeds gave way to two baby girls

The one that grew from the soil was called Feel

The one from the sky was called See

See grew to love the sky and all the peace it held

Relaxation, serenity, as well as the high

She loved how close she was to the sun

Her relationship with the moon was rivaled by no one

The clouds moved and swayed with the wind

Bringing new sights wherever she went

All viewed from the comfort of the sky

When it rained she cried along with it

When it snowed she enjoyed the cold

For it made the ground below look just like her beloved clouds

See loved the soil

And the stability it held

Firm and secure, giving, and kind

When worked it yielded 

When ignored it didn’t get up and go

It gave nutrition to plants and trees

And room for its roots

Quietly there and making the world run

If asked she’d’ve honestly said that she

‘wouldn’t give up the ground for no one’

But as they got older their environment ceased to sustain 

All their growth and knowledge that they had to gain

To be manifested through greater things

And much to their dismay they could not stay

So after a full night of rain

Then a full day after 

Then during the second night of rain

Feel had no choice but to come down to earth

She tried so hard to hang onto the clouds 

But they were slippery and wet 

And the rain from above fell with so much force

That that very night Feel rained down

It was dark when she fell

Without a sound into a field below

See had been waiting in the ground

Slowly growing

Without a sound

But when the rain came down that fateful night

She could not deny the opening in the seed’s shell

So she grew and grew

As Feel flew down to earth

All the while See grew from the ground

Grew through

Flew through

Up and up

Down and down

That very night a part of the sky touched the earth

And a part of the ground left it’s roots and earth 

In search of more to learn and appreciate

See was lonely but gave it a chance

She could see it was overwhelming at first glance

She was used to seeing and thinking and drifting away

Being brought to a world where nothing came easy was just not her way

But she decided to give it a chance

As she knew it wasn’t fair to give up after just a glance

Feel was excited at the thought

Of living and experiencing what earthliness brought

Yet that soon faded

Yes there was lots of life

But there was depression

Yes there was fun

Yet you had to work

All Feel saw was people who had so much to gain

So much to love

So much to give

So much life to live

Yet they were too busy being anxious 

Too busy being haughty

Too busy being busy

Too busy drowning in misery

Feel grew tired of all she had to do

Too find happiness

To find value in what is genuinely true

Working so hard for just a bit of joy

Planting the seeds of friendship

Waiting for it to bloom

Being let down

Trying again

Working so hard for results to yield

To feel connected to the earth

Like she once was

A child of the earth must remember her roots

But the imperfections she saw got to her really bad

She lost touch with the power and her connection that she once had 

All this while See too was unhappy

Crying all day long

And through the night

It was all too much

Living on earth

Being one with it all

That was her plight

‘How do I feel if all I do is See?

Experience the world, be who I’m meant to be?

Down below everything moves too fast

I can’t process

I don’t know how long I’ll last’

While See would attempt tasting new fruit 

Gagging at the texture

Hoping her efforts to integrate wouldn’t end up being a waste

Not far away

Feel was harvesting the same things day after day

Not in tune with her creativity

Not following her unique Feel way

They met each other along the way

They stared at each other for quite some time

The passionate, earthly, hopelessly bored, sad, tired, stifled, Feel

And the lofty, ethereal, lost, scared, untethered, estranged See

Came face to face

In that moment their world’s would totally change

They exchanged some words

And over time they started talking

Using their words

To form the connection that Feel had been wanting

And their words’ subtly understanding and forgiving nature to give feel what she needed to process her newly discovered world

For See to make peace with whatever feelings she was dealt 

For Feel to find meaning using the things she felt

They discussed the sky

They discussed the weather

And the way the ground benefited from the sky’s unpredictable nature

And how the ground takes what it gets, 

Fine being dry

Fine being wet

And how the sky loves to give

And the way the ground loves to live

Why the sky never falls

Why the ground doesn’t ever feel like it wants to float away

Why things change

And why they stay the same

Though life wasn’t easy

Thinking and feeling blended together making them feel queasy

Mamish uneasy

Kinda deeseey

So they met a girl named leeeeezy

*Ahem* sorry where was I?

They knew that in their darkest times

On the worst of days

They could seek out each other

And when See felt like it was just too much

She would ask Feel to help her understand

And this is what Feel would say:

“You feel like there’s no room for you here on earth

You feel wounded everyday

You get lost

You get hurt

The ground feels like it can’t hold you

Like it’ll just give way

Under all the things you think and feel

Or like you just might disapear and float away

I just want you to know it’ll be worthwhile to stay

We could talk about the things you never let yourself feel before

This is an opening

Not a slamming of the door

The world exists just for you

To find the place

Between what you feel and what you think

You no longer have to be alone

I’m here to help you learn to plant the seeds

And work the earth to get what you need

And if tomorrow you’re still not doing ok

We can do it all again

You’ll see this effort pays

If you’d only open up and respect the things you feel

Open up a bit, experience,

Let yourself heal

Maybe just maybe 

The dead dirt inside you may begin to yield

You feel stifled by the physical world

And wish to be free

But if you’d give it a chance you’ll notice it’s beauty

Earth is not a human, unG-dly place

It’s a place too feel

And even to See

To allow yourself to breathe

And just to be”

But sometimes Feel would get flustered and upset,

The world seemed to eat at her

Surround her like a dark thick net

Those times when nothing was ever enough

Everything was boring

And those boring tasks became too much

She’d quietly ask See for advice

And See somehow knew exactly what to say

To remove her burden

And take it all away:

“You’re a child of the earth

Bold and true to your heart

You know right from wrong

You can decipher nature’s abstract art

But although you feel as though everywhere is your home

You don’t have a place to call your own

You feel lost

You feel alone

The sky weighs heavily down

Making your world oh so small

Making you feel responsible for things you can’t control

For everyone

Short or tall

I want you to know that you don’t have to handle it alone

If you look closely you’ll see that the sky is not a boundary 

Not at all

It isn’t there to keep you locked in

It in and of itself holds so much depth

It expands forever, holding the sun the moons stars and clouds all in one breath

And I know now because you’ve taught me

That there is enough room on this earth for you and me

And I no longer feel so lost

I feel less tied down

I see the beauty in things all around

The sky and the land

The sea and the clouds

Boundaries, reflections, forever, and always

Holding you and me, our feelings and wants

It’s there and always will be for each person to find their way

And if we find each other we can help it along

Hand in hand

Our words creating a melodious song

And inside as well we could find the strength we need

The sky, the earth, you, and me’

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