When you adults open your mouths about the joy of marriage, it just kind of sounds like some sorta sick commercial. In fact all I can think about when you talk is this:

“Hey girls!

Isn’t this cool?

It can eat and sleep

And comes with drool

So that when you kiss 

It’s kinda like piss

But it’s better

And wetter

Try on this dude’s sweater

Hey girls

Isn’t this neat

It’s kinda like a source for heat

He’ll be with you through every storm

Dude just wants you to keep his junk warm

You’ll get to see him looking hot in his trunks

Speaking of what, if you touch it much

It’ll grow and expand

I hear these commodities are in high demand

Not only that

One of the perks

Is that it squirts

Just like a water gun

Oh wow isn’t it fun!”

No you stupid it’s called cum

Sometimes you adults are so dumb

To be able to say these nasty things are really that great

I don’t mean to hate

But you’re views are stupid

Fuck that cupid

All we kids hear these days

Is that investing in a guy really pays

So you can get married

It shouldn’t be that scary

Man them guys are kinda hairy

But you say “grow up

Stop listening to katy perry

It’s called intercourse

Just look it up in the dictionary

It’ll make you ever so gay and merry!

No I didn’t mean that kind of gay”

Is what you’ll then say

“It doesn’t pay

At the end of the day

To be that kind of gay

If you think a girl should get you high as well

Really the media just wants to sell

All this shit about being Bi?

Nice try

What a pathetic excuse for a relationship

Go get some drugs and take a trip

Isn’t that what you children always do

Whenever you get sad and blue

All these kids with their emo drip

Should just die and jump off a cliff”

What is a bitch who cant ride a dick

What is a dude

Who can’t provide food

What is a slut

Who can’t get a guy to nut

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet

I’m tried

I’m beat

Maybe I should stop thinking

And go the fuck to sleep

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