The Words Between us Left Unsaid
The Words Between us Left Unsaid

The Words Between us Left Unsaid

I’ve been to purgatory and back,

And it’s not at all what you’d think

I wasn’t tortured with complex machines

Or anything of the sort by any other means

The day I got there I was gifted a palace of gold,

Anything I could have I got,

That’s what I was told

I was given fertile steady ground

To plant anything I’d like

And on days I felt confined I could enjoy the natural scenery 

And go for a hike

But one thing I soon realized,

When wishing to join the birds in song

I could not talk

Though I was given a voice,

A mouth,

And a tongue

 So I could speak, 

Yet had no way to express myself

And find meaning in my words

Till this day no one understands how that felt

Because it sounds absurd

Yet the things left unspoken

Make all the difference

When sitting in my palace,

The second day I was there

I realized the land was not my own

This realization gave way to fear

But that didn’t last long once I met the other inhabitants,

And we had a nice exchange

But then I woke up the next day

To pitiful sounds of pain,

I looked out the window and saw

That from the sky fell acid rain

And the people looked up,

With a blank expression when they saw me there

Then that gave way to screams

Of the rain they feared

It burnt a million holes

Through their clothes and skin

Without their clothes

It was revealed the extent of their sins

And the times when they’d misgive

And the burning skin underneath 

Showed me how they hurt

I tried my hardest to invite them inside 

So they could get relief from the pain

But the more I tried

The more helpless I felt

For a sound would not come from my mouth

My expression remained blank through everything I felt

I wished to tell them that I knew what they were going through

And to tell them not to be ashamed

Anything to reach out

And lessen their pain

But to no avail

And ever harder it rained

And every hole in their clothes

And all the millions of marks burned into their skin

Became the millions of words I couldn’t say

Became the words that my mouth refused to put in

They saw me,

And I saw them

And all the words unsaid

Became a barrier


From my mouth to the inexpiable thoughts in my head

And I swear on that day,

All the acid holes

Burned into my heart

And are their till this day

The next day I awoke

To the sound of flames

They were marching through fire

Silent as could be

I felt things I couldn’t understand

Then I could hardly see

Maybe it was the fire reflected in their eyes

Reflected of my heart

And blinded me

They were silent and so was I 

Even though we were seeing the same things

And all the things I couldn’t say

About how I’d experienced what they felt

Became my tiresome burden

Yet even I couldn’t understand how I felt

And my eyes of burning flame 

Became the only thing that was real

Everything else I could no longer feel

Were artificial

Because my heart, mouth, mind, body, and soul

Did not process what I saw

The fire in my eyes was the fire they felt

Their eyes became blackened burnet from what they saw

Over time I saw many unspeakably treacherous sights

And treachery became my life

I’d try to plant,

But to no avail

The ground would not give way

The fruits grew rotten

And the vegetables were made of air

Till this day,

When the past is far behind

I want to reach out

To start to unburden myself of the things I couldn’t say

When having to sit their and silently watch

Day after day

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